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What's New

"Celebrity Relapse" cowritten by myself and Lee Michael Cohn was picked up and is slated for production by RiverRock Films

My horror script "Chapel Perilous" was a finalist for Shriekfest which has led to a flurry of meetings. Stand by for further news.

Lee and I are finishing up our creature feature and developing a slate of action, thriller and cop movies and are kicking around an idea for a TV series.

I'm continuing to write more comedy scripts, horror scripts, comedy-horror scripts and horror-comedy scripts.

I may or may not continue with my YouTube series "Coffee with Big Cat" but several episodes are still available on YouTube.

I'm contnuing to relish the professional connections and personal support from having completed my MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California at Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center

And I'm continuing to savor the friendships and connection I made as the host of Dirty Laundry Lit - the long running reading series produced by my friend and hero Natashia Deon. You can see some of the magic and madness and majesty of it here and here and here (<- where you can watch me blissed out watching The Beast of Yucca Flats and brewing coffee like the mad scientist I actually am.)

Other big stuff in the works. I'm either at the typer dropping thunder or doing Hollywood Things with Hollywood People and saying Hollywood Words or I'm stepping out and being a part of the vibrant Los Angeles Arts and Literature scene with people and artists I love.

Big big thanks and lots of sloppy love to anyone curious enough to check in on what's going on with me. 

I'll see you around

Love, Big Cat